28/02/2022 admin

Can you imagine life without music?

Can you imagine life without music? Think about it. No lullabies. No romantic serenades. No lively pop songs. No stirring symphonies. And no inspirational melodies. Most people would think of that life as boring. What about you?

Music has the ability to touch all of our emotions. It can calm and excite us. It can even make us cry. It speaks to our hearts.

As you probably know, music has a very long history. Archeology has found proof that many years ago, before our Common Era, African tribes played drums, horns and bells. The Chinese played a type of mouth organ and panpipes. The people of Egypt, India, Israel and Mesopotamia played the harp and other instruments with strings.

Write about it for class!

  1. What is the oldest instrument you can find on the internet?
  2. Search in a dictionary, like, the definition of the words in black.
  3. What instrument is the statue in the picture playing?
  4. Write an essay on an ancient instrument, it should be about 100 words long and you should use at least two different verb tenses.