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The Royal Wedding

By J. O’Fee (teacher at AIT Language School)

La boda Real fue uno de los acontecimientos del año 2018 en Reino Unido

Royal wedding

Last Saturday, London witnessed the great event of the year in the UK. Do you know what I’m talking about? Let me give you some clues…

There were crowds cheering, waving British flags, eager to get a glimpse of the beautiful couple. The streets were full of colourful flowers and shops overloaded with souvenirs. Horses and cars were parading along the streets, trumpets and drums were played by smart, uniformed soldiers.

So, do you know what I’m talking about? Yes, of course you do: it’s the Royal Wedding! Prince Charles and the late Lady Di’s youngest son, Harry, married the American actress Meghan Markle. The ceremony took place in St. George’s Chapel, which is the place the groom was christened when he was 3 months old. The chapel is just twenty minutes from London in beautiful, cosy surroundings. It was a day to remember!

Royal wedding Royal wedding

Long gone are the days the cheeky, freckled-face, red haired boy would always be in trouble, so naughty! He’s grown into a fine, handsome young man who has married the girl he’s fallen in love with. Just like a fairy tale. And as fairy tales always end… I hope they live happily ever after!

Royal wedding