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What can you learn from penguins?

By P. Ruiz, AIT Language School

I’m sure you will totally agree with me if I say that penguins are one of the cutest animals on earth. But more than being adorable and sometimes comical, you will be surprised to discover that they can also teach us some «life’s lessons”. Do you think you have to improve your communication skills? Or maybe you want to learn more about love? Read about what this animal has to teach you.

Let me introduce you to the Emperor Penguin.

Before winter arrives in icy Antarctica, the emperor penguins have a very important mission to do, they have to choose a couple. And, as it could not be any other way, they do it in a funny but crucial manner. The males and the females start shouting at one another. Can you imagine how nosy may it be being there in the courting period?

Once they find the couple with which they will remain together forever, the female lays an egg, but she won’t be the responsible for taking care of it, neither incubate it during a while. The dad will be in charge of the egg and the mum will go to the sea to find food to feed herself. About 65 days, what is more than two months, she returns after going across the ice and the sea up to 150 kilometres. Can you imagine? This is like going three times from La Garriga to the centre of Barcelona walking!

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Finding the colony is a miracle in itself, but how does she find her mate and their new-born chick among tens of thousands of penguins? During their courtship, each bird memorizes the other’s songs so well that even after months of separation, they manage to find each other!

In addition to a phenomenal variety of sounds, animal communication includes gestures, captivating colours, flashing lights, and complex smells.

Check your understanding!

Answer the following questions.

  1. Do penguins use to change their couple?
  2. Who incubates the egg?
  3. How does a female emperor penguin find her mate?
  4. Which animal communication do you find funnier?