Black Hollywood – A Movie Review

enero 17th, 2022

Patricia Denning stars in a sad movie about ambition and heartbreak. When Cecilia leaves college in Texas, she has everything: a wonderful boyfriend, Carl, an interesting job and an expensive house in...

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The First Christmas in space 2

The First Christmas… in space!

diciembre 20th, 2021

By M. Jaime, teacher at AIT La Garriga Many astronauts on board the International Space Station have celebrated Christmas in space. However, the crew aboard Apollo 8 were the first to do it back in 19...

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The Dog’s Sense of Smell

diciembre 13th, 2021

By P. Ruiz – Teacher at AIT Language School Do you have a dog? Whether you have one or you like them, you will be very surprised to discover one of its superpowers: its incredible sense of smell! Rese...

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Aerial view of Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle, Where History and Legend Meet

noviembre 29th, 2021

By Joseph Anthony Salazar, AIT English Language School Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman emperor to rule in Italy, lost his empire to Flavius Odoacer in the Battle of Ravenna in the year 476. Accordi...

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Seven keys to food safety and a healthy diets

Seven keys to food safety and a healthy diets

noviembre 22nd, 2021

By C. Stevens, teacher at AIT L’Ametlla Why what you eat matters Your health depends, in part, on what you eat. If you maintain food safety and a healthy diet, you can improve your health. In contrast...

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My Favourite Instrument!

noviembre 15th, 2021

Hello! How are you? My name is Yarina and I’m a teacher. I love music and dancing! Do you like music? It’s very difficult to have a favourite song. Do you have a favourite song? My favourite song has ...

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Who invented school?

noviembre 8th, 2021

Text written by M. Jaime (Teacher at AIT La Garriga) That is a difficult question! We do not know who invented school, but we know some things about the first schools in history: the ‘edubbas’. Let’s...

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the grass is singing by doris lessing

Doris Lessing – The grass is singing

noviembre 1st, 2021

Text written by Alicia Martínez (English and German Teacher at AIT) Reading an interesting book has always been a pleasure for bookworms. On one hand it is a way to see the world through the eyes of a...

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Games that England gave the world

Games that England gave the world

febrero 25th, 2020

Inglaterra fue la cuna del fútbol y el rugby, deportes que en la actualidad son populares en todo el mundo. ¿Cuáles fueron sus orígenes? Text found by Alicia Martínez (English and German Teacher at AI...

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Die Adventszeit

diciembre 17th, 2019

„Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt, erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier, dann steht das Christkind vor der Tür.“ Alicia Martínez – German and English Teacher at AIT Language School Vie...

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diciembre 3rd, 2019

¿Por qué Hollywood tiene tanta predilección por las películas de superhéroes? Te lo desvelamos en esta entrada. Text found by Alicia Martínez (English and German Teacher at AIT) Superman and Batman&nb...

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The story of COCA-COLA

noviembre 26th, 2019

Esta semana hablamos del símbolo más reconocido a nivel mundial: la botella de Coca-cola. Text found by Alicia Martínez (English and German Teacher at AIT) Level: Intermediate What is the most recogni...

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A short history of English

noviembre 19th, 2019

Repasar la historia nos ayuda a comprender la expansión de la lengua inglesa a lo largo del mundo con el paso de los siglos. Text found by Alicia Martínez (English and German Teacher at AIT) The story...

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Why are exams useful for language learning?

noviembre 12th, 2019

¿Por qué los exámenes son beneficiosos y útiles para los niños? Te lo descubrimos en este artículo. <em>Text written by Alicia Martínez</em> How can exams help children with their language...

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