Hypatia of Alexandria

junio 20th, 2022

Hypatia of Alexandria was a bright woman living in Egypt, during a time when women weren’t encouraged to have ideas of their own. Nevertheless, her mathematical mind overcame the general public opinio...

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The amazing strength of butterflies!

junio 13th, 2022

By P. Ruiz, AIT Language School Do you like butterflies? Maybe you love their lively and bright colors, their elegance and you probably find their fragility beautiful. But… wait. They aren’t as fragil...

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how did the months get their names

How Did the Months Get Their Names?

mayo 23rd, 2022

Origins and Meanings of the 12 Months This article was originally posted on Almanac How did the months of the year get their names? The months’ names reflect a mix of gods and goddesses, rulers, and n...

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frank stockton The Lady or the Tiger

Frank Stockton’s THE LADY OR THE TIGER

mayo 9th, 2022

«The Lady or the Tiger» is a short story without resolution. Set in a kingdom ruled by a semi-barbaric king, the story centers around the king’s approach to justice. Any subject who commits a crime of...

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mayo 2nd, 2022

By M.Lancis, teacher at AIT L’Ametlla Jellyfish have been around on ocean currents for millions of years, even before dinosaurs lived on the Earth.    These creatures pulse along on ocean c...

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Protect yourself from disease

abril 25th, 2022

By C. Stevens, teacher at AIT L’Ametlla Many ancient cities were protected by massive walls. If an enemy breached just a small section of a wall, the safety of the entire city was at risk. Your body i...

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Paint easter eggs

How to colour an Easter Egg

abril 4th, 2022

By Kelly Roper, AIT English Language School Easter is round the corner and one of our favourite activities is dyeing Easter eggs. Do you want to learn how to do it? Read the following poem by Kelly Ro...

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Meet Emmeline

marzo 21st, 2022

By M. Jaime, AIT English Language School Hello! I’m Emmeline Pankhurst. I was born on 14th July 1858 in Manchester. When I was a teenager, I liked reading and politics, too. I was already interested ...

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The Hodgsons Can!

marzo 14th, 2022

By A. Martínez, AIT English Language School   Read about this very talented family from Texas, USA. The Hodgson family from Texas, USA are probably the most talented family in the country. Thoma...

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Can Laughter Benefit Your Health?

marzo 7th, 2022

DO YOU find that the daily pressures of life cause you to become tense and make it difficult for you to relax? Does that at times contribute to a feeling of tiredness and depression? If so, laugh...

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Can you imagine life without music?

febrero 28th, 2022

Can you imagine life without music? Think about it. No lullabies. No romantic serenades. No lively pop songs. No stirring symphonies. And no inspirational melodies. Most people would think of that lif...

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what can you learn from penguins 1

What can you learn from penguins?

febrero 21st, 2022

By P. Ruiz, AIT Language School I’m sure you will totally agree with me if I say that penguins are one of the cutest animals on earth. But more than being adorable and sometimes comical, you wil...

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Liverpool – A Titanic City

febrero 14th, 2022

By J. A. Salazar, AIT Language School Slavery, John Lennon, Mohamed Salah, and The Titanic. You may not think they have much in common. Yet, there is one thing that connects them all. And that is...

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Black Hollywood – A Movie Review

enero 17th, 2022

Patricia Denning stars in a sad movie about ambition and heartbreak. When Cecilia leaves college in Texas, she has everything: a wonderful boyfriend, Carl, an interesting job and an expensive house in...

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The First Christmas in space 2

The First Christmas… in space!

diciembre 20th, 2021

By M. Jaime, teacher at AIT La Garriga Many astronauts on board the International Space Station have celebrated Christmas in space. However, the crew aboard Apollo 8 were the first to do it back in 19...

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